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Refine (ri':fine) Motosukashi Maru Black

05FAN14 007
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Marugame Uchiwa Fans, originating in the Edo period, gained nationwide popularity as souvenirs of the Konpira Shrine pilgrimage. They were exported to China and the United States in 1887, leading to the development of specialized manufacturing processes. Kagawa Prefecture, specifically Marugame City, became Japan's leading producer of bamboo fans due to abundant local resources. Crafted from a single bamboo tree, each fan requires skilled tree selection and procurement, with one tree yielding 100 to 200 frames.

The number of craftsmen is declining due to an ageing population. Efforts are underway to preserve the tradition by recruiting and training successors, but the market for genuine handmade Marugame Uchiwa fans remains small. The mission is to revitalise the industry by increasing the number of craftsmen and promoting the authentic value of these traditional, practical, and enjoyable fans.

Each Marugame Uchiwa fan is a product of the finest materials and a craftsmanship that has been handed down through generations. At Connolly we believe in this path and the importance of skills being passed down. In celebration of this unique skill we are thrilled to be able to sell the Marugame Uchiwa fans this summer at Connolly. Sparking joy by being practical, whilst remaining beautiful and of great historical value as well as a great conversation piece.