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Blue Dissimilar Plate

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The Blue Dissimilar Plate is one of thirteen created and made from Arita porcelain by Kashiwa Sato. 

Since 1616, when Korean potter Yi Sam-pyeong discovered porcelain clay near Arita and launched production, Arita porcelain has been acclaimed as one of the first Japanese fired porcelains. 

Kashiwa Sato has collaborated with several porcelain producers in Arita. Working with retail porcelain producer KIHARA, Kashiwa splashed paints as a base design, and placed gold leaves on the porcelain surface to create thirteen 'Blue Dissimilar 60cm Plates'.

About Kashiwa Sato

Born in Tokyo in 1865, Kashiwa Sato graduated from the Department of Graphic Design, Tama Art University and spent 11 years at Hakuhodo before establishing his own creative studio, SAMURAI in Japan in 2000. 

As one of Japan's leading creative directors, Kashiwa delivers a fresh design perspective to the world for numerous clients, such as 'Uniqlo' and 'The National Art Center, Tokyo.' As an artist, he focuses on introducing Japanese tradition, culture, technology and contents abroad. In 2017, he held an exhibition at Maison de la Culture du Japon in Paris as a 'Japan Cultural Envoy' appointed by the Agency for Cultural Affairs, Government of Japan. Since participating as a guest creator in 'ARITA 400project,' which commemorated the 400-year anniversary of Arita Porcelain, Kahiwa has continued to create works evolving around the concept of 'DISSIMILAR.' In these works, he passionately continues to contract 'innovative and traditional',dynamic and static,' 'chaotic and tranquil,' and 'timeless and fleeting.'

Iconic images used in other works also leaves a lasting impression. These include 'Fuji Kindergarten', awarded for its exemplary design as an educational facility by the OECD, and numerous other corporate spaces and architectural projects.