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Connolly’s reputation for supplying the finest hides to the motor industry is equalled by its reputation for providing leather upholstery to special order. Our leather graces the seats of the Houses of Parliament and the Coronation coaches of the British Royal Family. Other landmarks include the desks of the British Library, the Mies van de Rohe chair, Concorde and the latest lightweight E type Jaguar.

Connolly opened its doors once again on 28th October 2016, at No.4 Clifford Street in a beautiful 18th century London townhouse. Come and explore our collection of tailored separates , knitwear, classic sportswear, leather goods and archive pieces for men and women.

The essence of Connolly is best described as a contemporary style inspired by a rich heritage of classic motor racing coupled with a strong sense of British know-how, understatement and European style and craftsmanship....Today, you will find the history of Connolly woven through the collections at the new No.4 Clifford street shop.

Scottish Cashmere

From the start, Scottish cashmere has been a core offering, underlining the British roots of Connolly, the romance of Scotland and the unequalled craftsmanship that goes into every piece. Such Scottish Cashmere can be found at 4. Clifford Street in a number of wooly variations!

The Queen Elizabeth

The Queen Elizabeth II liner, or QE2 as it fondly became known, launched in 1969. The same year as the Apollo 11 mission and the unveiling of Concorde. It was seen as the last in a line of great transatlantic liners, but regular sightings in New York, with the Statue of Liberty as a backdrop, did much to inspire a new generation of ‘cruisers’.

Designed by James Gardner, it was described by the Council for Industrial Design as, “sleek, modern and purposeful.” A major innovation was the introduction of just two classes instead of three and the division of these horizontally instead of consigning lower classes to a voyage of gloom. It served as the flagship of Cunard from 1969 until 2004 when the Queen Mary 2 was launched.

Our Connolly Seabags are a perfect fit for all occasions, including nautical travel.

Edward VII’s Coronation Coach

In 1901, when King Edward VII was finally succeeded Queen Victoria, he commissioned a new coach for his coronation the following year. Unlike the rather more Baroque Gold State Coach which dates back to 1762, the ‘1902 State Landau’, is still used regularly by The Queen on State occasions. Edward VII was a man keen on his comforts, and he insisted the coach be clad in a Connolly interior for the Royal posterior. Recently it was seen by most of the world when it was used by Prince William and Kate after their wedding.

Vaumol Leather

The word ‘Vaumol’ carries very special meaning to anyone with an interest in ‘motor cars’. It was the name given to a leather process developed in-house right at the start of the Connolly story. The company still possesses sample colour swatches that date back to 1878.

The magic was in coming up with a leather that could withstand the wear-and-tear suffered by a car seat not only from the occupants, but for many of the early open cars, by the elements. The process preserves the leather’s natural grain and aroma and allows it develop a wonderful patina. It is no surprise the same leather was also chosen for projects as varied at the Houses of Parliament, Concorde and the QE2.