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"Isabel Ettedgui has created an exquisite amalgam of art, people, aesthetics, and beautifully designed and made clothes in Connolly, one of London’s leading custodians of luxury. Leather goods are followed by the store’s own compelling connections, as well as exceptional products from cult marques such as Charvet and Blackhorse Lane Ateliers. The interior was designed by architects Gilles & Boissier and features marble accents, oak spiral stairs and an exhibitions space." (FT How To Spend It - The 21 Best Menswear Stores)


Exclusive British Tanner

"Everything about this elegant town house whispers quality. In a sense it was a reopening - Isabel Ettedgui, wife of the founder of the iconic Joseph stores, first set up a store in the 1990s to showcase items made from British tanner Connolly's leather (also used in the Houses of Parliament and Rolls-Royce cars). It became a byword for tasteful accessories, but closed in 2010 shortly before her husband's death. Now it has a resurrection in a store that feels like a chic home (Ettedgui lives above the shop) and has expanded its range - alongside the simple but perfect handbags, briefcases and small leather goods are beautiful basics, mainly in cashmere, silk and fine cotton, designed by Marc Audibet in shapes that are graded to look good on either sex. The private salon upstairs showcases furniture and fittings by Parisian duo Patrick Gilles and Dorothée Boisser, who designed the store, and features artwork and photography exhibitions."

- Louis Vuitton City Guide London