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In 1878, two brothers, John Joseph and Samuel Frederick Connolly started one of the first while-you-wait shoe repair shops in London's Euston Road. They progressed to repairing harness and saddlery, began to buy and finish leather on their own and then supplied hood-makers and coach builders. When the latter started to make the bodies for the new fangled contraption, the motor car, and the motor industry was born, the Connolly brothers were there from the outset.

Samuel Frederick was a pioneer motorist and reputedly, the only man who could get Herbert Austin and William Morris to sit at the same table.

Connolly Leather was on the first Rolls Royce, Bentley, Ferrari, Maserati, Aston Martin, Jaguar and Morgan to name but a few. Connolly leather remained the manufacturers' standard upholstery material until Connolly Brothers retired from the mass original equipment market in the early 1990s.

Samuel Frederick's son, Frederick Ignatius, grew up alongside, and became friend and confidant to many of the great names of the industry. Sir William Lyons of SS and Jaguar, the Wilks's of Rover, the Rootes brothers and Sir Patrick Hennessy of Ford were some of his acquaintances.

During the 20th Century, Connolly leather covered the benches and seats of the Houses of Lords and Commons, the Cunard Liners Queen Elizabeth and Mary, the QE2, Concorde , The British Library, The Royal Festival Hall and the Dorchester and Ritz hotels.


Fourth generation Jonathan Connolly continues to uphold the brand, manufacturing Connolly leather of the exceptional and unique quality it has always been recognised for. With over 30 years in the industry, Jonathan Connolly continues to supply exclusive, high quality leather to the motor, aviation, yachting and furnishing industries. The focus is very much on designing the leather for the individual customers' requirements, producing authentic hide for restoration work and, in many cases, developing unique colours and textures for individual projects.

Connolly plays an integral part in the global classic car market as owners and restorers alike strive for authenticity and excellence. So too is Connolly leather the first choice of luxury car manufacturers when developing and manufacturing exclusive designs and modifications for their top end clients. As the specification for luxury grows in the yacht and motor boat industry, Connolly has seen its share in this market grow. Luxury restaurants and hotels looking for stand out upholstery also look to the broad knowledge and experience of Connolly Leather to meet their needs.


Connolly's reputation has been built on the production of high quality leather for a wide range of niche markets over the last 135 years.

Today Connolly is keen to maintain and further this reputation by developing lines for clients who require exclusivity. Connolly is constantly researching new materials in an effort to combine longevity with natural feel, appearance and aroma.

Whilst Connolly has a great deal of experience in high volume manufacture, it now prefers to supply a niche market of discerning clients that appreciate a product that is natural, beautiful and rare.

Through the company's involvement with Design and Innovation in the Automotive, Luxury Goods and Product markets, Connolly has combined a considerable understanding of the problems involved with the development of a new product. The use of Connolly leather in a growing number of concept cars is testament to this.

Along with the market's desire for uniformity and the ease of mass production, Connolly recognised that the resulting characterless leather masked many of the timeless qualities found in such a natural product. There were, however, those clients who continued to appreciate leather's natural qualities, grain variations, patina and tactility. Recent times have witnessed the evergrowing popularity of the authentic characteristics of leather and the consumers' desire to own and create a unique product or restore a product using materials true to their original form.

Connolly is eager to help fulfil that ambition.


Jonathan Connolly

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