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Tan Leather Topped Oak Stool

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Handmade from locally sourced oak in Ubrique, Spain. Made of a simple shape and covered in beautiful vegetable tanned leather, moulded and stretched by hand when wet, the tan leather stool has a smooth finish to the seat. In the centre of each stool, there is a thumb sized hole so it can be lifted and moved easily. 

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Isabel's note: 

On a visit to our leather workshops in Ubrique, I noticed that by each workbench, there were a couple of wooden stools – all designed the same, some very old and some much newer…  always with a thumb sized hole in the top to lift up and move it easily. This perfect, simple shape was hand made from local oak… they have been making them for over 60 years… it was both elegant and practical. I asked if we could make a limited edition for Connolly, the seat covered in our beautiful veg tanned leather, moulded and stretched by hand when wet, to make sure it has a very smooth finish. We all now use them by our desks at Connolly…  to sit with a colleague or put a pile of work on, just as they do in Ubrique. I have never put them in the shop to sell because I love them too much… I don’t know how you imbue value or soul into such a simple thing… but they did. The feel of the hand is there and the knowledge and the tradition but also the future of luxury retail is there… I suspect it is what in the next decade we will buy, and treasure those things that speak to us and we can keep forever.