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Blue Cut Flowers: Triptych Screen Print

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Cut Flowers: Triptych by Oisin Byrne

A limited edition of 60 screen prints

Dimensions: 102cm x 102cm

Words by Oisin:

"These are oil based screenprints - the colours are physical pigment on the page. Each colour is hand-mixed until we reach a precise intensity: a reflective magenta, a saturated orange, a rich red oxide, a subtle gold, an ultramarine blue that is both deep and vibrant (ultramarine produces a pleasurable confusion for the eye: how can a dark colour be so bright?).

Some colours are printed twice or three times on top of each other to achieve full intensity, others are given some transparency so the light of the page reflects through them. Yet others are combinations, with one colour layered on top of another. Even before the image begins, each sheet of these works is printed with a very subtle transparent off-white, softening the ground.

For many days at the Advanced Graphics studio we amended colours until they hit my eye exactly as I wanted. At times this can seem, even to me, an obsessive and slightly mad task as the colour changes are so subtle. It is a testament to the process that looking back at the first colour proofs, which at the time we were delighted with, the finished pieces out-pop them considerably.

I realise I have always worked best in series, and triangulating the colours of these three works in tandem challenged each to be better. The colour relationships were cycled through not only the individual works - giving each colour its own buzz or hum - but in concert - as I wanted to be able to imagine all three prints as a set, hanging in a row, buzzing off each other." - Oisin Byrne

"Byrne’s flowers seduce, at first sight: their keen colours out-pop Warhol’s blooms. Oisin’s posies, like Andy’s, are inanimate, but they stream with mobile life, like a dancer whose flight Mallarmé might have tried to reproduce in a clause that never lands." - Wayne Koestenbaums 

All work is handprinted on Somerset satin 410 gsm paper stock. Each will be numbered and signed by the artist. Each print will be the next available copy, edition of 60.

Prints are available unframed and framed. Framed artworks have a lead time of 4-5 weeks.