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The Smallest Things Can Make Big Differences

The Smallest Things Can Make Big Differences

A Letter from Isabel


I was so proud this week that one of our remnant fabrics from a previous season could be used to make scrubs for the NHS. Thanks to our knitwear designer Lorraine Acornley for putting us in touch with an incredible initiative by Holly Fulton, Phoebe English and Bethany Wilson who united to form the Emergency Designer Network, galvanising local production to support hospital stocks of key garments such as scrubs. @emergencydesignernetwork …its becoming a community effort and every little thing helps towards the frontline.

The Smallest Things Can Make Big Differences

It also made me think about the fabrics we use and work with in the collections at Connolly… and I wondered if you knew that every print we commission is created and designed especially for us by our designer, Marc Audibet. Working with mills in Italy and France these limited edition patterns and prints are sampled and produced each season for his designs .. the silk voile leopard print, the ikat weave and the stripes, dyed especially so the colours match exactly to an antique piece of fabric. We are so lucky to be able to work with fabric mills like Lanificio Subalpino and Taroni to create this beauty and I always wonder if the customer ever knows how many hours of thought and inspiration and hard work have gone into the choice of colour palette, of fabric content, of weight, as well as the actual design and scale. It's this sort of attention that creates a collection that lives longer than a season and signifies not only quality but is much more efficient to produce as the quantities made can be smaller and are tailored for our actual consumption and thus better for the environment. 

"Because Connolly always sought quality over quantity, it's about me refining the pieces each season... evolving them over time... and the essence of simplicity. It's the prints that I create which become the emotion in the collection... the charm."

- Marc Audibet

A special selection of discounted archive pieces with philanthropy at its heart. For the next few weeks, all profits from this sale will be donated to our charity of choice: COVID SMART, who are a not for profit organisation working with centres of frontline healthcare.


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