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Playing Cards

Playing Cards

A letter from Isabel

I think the real beauty of playing cards is that people come together - you can drink, smoke, laugh, argue and the hours pass in good company, albeit with a few charming cheats.

Playing Cards

We have always sold packs of cards at Connolly because they make a perfect thank you gift in their Connolly leather case which can be personalised for your hosts. And as the world gets more techy I notice more and more of our friends, both young and old, enjoy playing … the easy conversation and the idea that you can while away your time after dinner or with an aperitif, a lazy afternoon on a boat or a beach… Cards for me mean the holidays in the same way as that first dip in the sea or that first rush of heat as you walk off the plane; it’s a promise of adventure, its contact between strangers, between age groups and nations and its good fun… unless you are a bad loser.

Our cards are made by the best company in the world, 'carta mundi', and designed with the circuit flag chequer on the reverse,  our own joker and come with hand dipped silver gilt edges .. . just don’t drop them in the sea and they don’t like suntan cream. But the more they are played the better they become.

- Isabel