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Made to Order

Made to Order

A Letter From Isabel

As many of you know, Connolly has its roots and heritage in beautiful motor cars... but nowadays it’s not really very fashionable to mention leather or cars. So I was thinking how can we celebrate over a century of know-how and craftsmanship that is born from nature and age-old traditions, not patentable experiments grown in North American laboratories. 

Made to Order

Like any authentic product that processes the raw material, such as good wines - it’s all about the terroir and Connolly‘s terroir are the best farms in Northern Europe. The finished product can only be as good as the raw beginnings. We choose only premium hides from the most well cared for cattle, and then the team at Connolly Leather work their magic.

The latest beauty that has come from the fourth generation of the Connolly Leather family, Jonathan and Ben Connolly, is called Nuella and it’s a grained vegetable tan hide that not only shows the natural beauty of the leather but the lightness of finish, emphasising that it can only come from the very best standards of animal husbandry. When it is then crafted by the trimming skills of the O’Rourke team, you see the magic happening. 

We have great pleasure in presenting a short film to launch this latest thoroughbred to our stable, made by Tony Serpini and helped of course by the F12 Berlinetta and the matching Connolly luggage and models. Instead of a conveyor belt interior, the folk at Maranello offer a special 'Tailor Made' upholstery service from Connolly Leather on any new Ferrari... and now you can match your luggage too.

And you could even keep your old car but treat it to a new interior. My greatest joy was an old VW Beetle that I re-upholstered in Connolly tan leather. It added another 15 years good use and many admiring glances... and cost the same to do as buying a designer handbag.

Today we celebrate the skills, craftsmanship and heritage that goes into making a beautiful product that is authentic and sustainable and will last a lifetime. In the words of Jonathan Connolly, "my whole working life has been devoted to showing what a beautiful natural material leather is, and creating products that show this. I’ve never really understood the engineers who want to homogenise this material and make it indistinguishable from vinyl... 'Nuella' is the antithesis of this."