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Dressing Gown Not Dressing Down

Dressing Gown Not Dressing Down

A dressing gown from Connolly does not mean dressing down …
Dressing Gown Not Dressing Down

Perhaps because I was recently housebound with flu, my mind went on ways to keep warm … with the windows open for good ventilation and how to look sick enough to be away from the shop but attractive enough for my colleagues with a zoom call. A Connolly dressing gown was the answer - in finest wool or cashmere lofty as a feather and soft enough to make you feel cocooned in luxury and tenderness.

At Connolly our dressing gowns are chosen with great care and made by a traditional company who only makes gowns and blankets and throws. The weaves, the silks, the subtle colours and the tailoring are developed from years of knowledge and expertise - whether it’s a braided silk lined classic wool gown or a cashmere fringed kimono or a shorter 'writers' jacket style to be worn over your day clothes but gives you extra warmth while sitting at a desk; our care for our customers extends throughout their home and beyond. Because we hope, with these beautiful 'house' coats and jackets you can look better and maybe … even feel better. And even dream a little bit of Hollywood in them.

"Dressing gowns can signify both soigné upper-class superiority and unkempt low-life sleaze – sometimes both at once. They can be effete, artistic or slatternly – sometimes all at once. In films, the writer or musician often wears a form of dressing-gown while creating; obviously, pausing long enough to get dressed properly would give the elusive muse a chance to flee." Anne Bilson writes in her blog on the best Dressing gown movie moments ... "Dressing-gown acting in films requires a certain fearlessness on the part of the actor, and enables the costume department to go to town. It positively encourages flamboyance and a demonstrative breaking down of barriers both social and sartorial."

My favourite is Dennis Price plotting in Kind Hearts and Coronets but Alfred Molina wearing the open silk robe with just his underpants and gold chain in Boogie Nights comes a close second... we have linked ten examples of great dressing gown acting in the movies below ... to watch at home or in bed.

Ten Examples of Great Dressing Gowns in The Movies

- Isabel 

Photo credit:  Lando Buzzanca on the set of the film Nonostante, 1971