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Black Stephanie Dress

1DRSS13 011
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Her.o x Connolly

The Black Stephanie Dress has been machine knitted in 100% cotton with hand engineered lace holes and is fully fashioned with each panel shaped by hand.

Made with 112 patent leather hand cut strips that are hand threaded into the lace hole knitting and hand sewn together during the threading process. Each strip of threading on the skirt takes one hour.

There are 4 knots on each join and on the hem of the skirt that makes approximately 560 knots on the dress. 

The skirt is hand tooled with tiny pin pleats to add texture and create flare with movement. 

The Black Stephanie Dress takes approximately 59 hours to make from start to finish.

Each dress comes with a hand painted illustration by Lee and in a gift box. 

Dress size: 8-10