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Indigo Linen Guayabera Shirt

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The Baruc shirt started as a concept shirt and a statement of how fashion should evolve, bringing consciousness and truthfulness. A piece of clothing designed to be worn at every occasion, every season, by every human being, independently of his culture or gender, and made by loving expertise hands.

The Story of the Baruc Shirt: 

It was first shown at an art fair in Madrid, in 2004. The owner of the most important boutique in Madrid by the time, Elena Benarroch, who was introduced into the top luxury Spanish brands ordered a few shirts from Baruc. Then, as word spread, the conductor Daniel Barenboim bought seven pieces to be worn at his performances.

While Baruc was busy with other projects he still managed to produce the shirts and sell them directly in his workshop in the Plaza Mayor de Madrid. There he established his elite clientele including Catherine Deneuve among many others. His fame grew enough to where the New York Times published an article about him, which encouraged American tourists to visit his 5th floor apartment to buy his shirts.
A timeless design, the shirts have remained a classic example of high quality, hand-crafted apparel.

Based on his vision for the future Baruc created the philosophy behind the shirt.
Fashion is entering a new era. The seasonal system; the need of constant renovation and change will only be useful to low cost, high turn-over fashion.
But Baruc is about other values such as quality, truth and loyalty: a product that became timeless because it has been perfected through time. 
Baruc has a long history of experience in the luxury market, and he is convinced that luxury needs to be redefined, and be not only in the product, but in the concept itself. A piece of clothing that you adore needs to be available whenever you need a new one. In order to feel pleasure you have to feel safe, and secure.
This is why the product reflects truth, and loyalty: it will follow you all your life if that is what you want. No matter if the shirt has been used over and over again; if it has been worn out from use, you will always be able to get a new one that is exactly the same. Also, the Baruc shirt is never on sale, so if you are a customer you know that nobody has paid less than you, for the same thing. All of us deserves such equality.
A good design has to be universal, therefore unisex and ageless. Good designs became classics, so Baruc focuses on creating classic pieces of human clothing; i.e. the shirt for the western culture, just as other shirts have reflected various cultures, including the curta for the eastern one, the caftan for the middle-eastern and North African, and the guayabera for the Caribbean and South American. 

A designer will update the classics by keeping the essence that made them eternal and adapting them to the current society. This is why he designed and patented a specific collar, foreseeing that ties would no longer be necessary -the traditional shirt collar flips the collar to hide the tie. And the buttons and hidden- unless they are intentionally shown as when the tie is taken off. 
Baruc takes seriously his responsibility for the effect fashion has on the world, both environmentally and socially. This includes using materials which are natural and organic when possible and manufacturing the items by expert, well trained and paid workers.The message of this standards are transmitted through the product to the customer.