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Indigo Driver Jeans

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The Connolly Selvedge Driver Jeans are made of 100% single rinse Japanese denim. Woven with a shuttle in the old school way.

The shuttle is essential; it threads the weft through the warp shed. As the weft is continuously passed back and forth, the edges of the fabric are self-finished, which is why it’s called ‘selvedge.’ Considered more durable selvedge jeans are made in much fewer quantities as most looms are old style, and the weaving takes much longer. The Connolly Driver Jeans have an additional 'fat boy button' for comfort when driving on long journeys or after a good dinner.

The driver jeans have a Connolly leather logo detail and a touch of yellow detail to the interior of the pocket. The jeans can be worn in two ways either turned up or down at the cuff.