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Traditions and New Beginnings

Traditions and New Beginnings

A Letter From Isabel

Seventy Years ago a young Princess Elizabeth acceded to the throne as a twenty five year old on the death of her father King George, heralding in a new age and a new Queen. It made me think about reinvention, about traditions and about what we take forward to make these relevant. When we designed the Pinstripe Collection in the middle of lockdown we believed life would return but not in a way any of us could imagine.


Traditions and New Beginnings

So we took elements of our old life and repurposed them for the future. Thus, classic tailoring fabrics and cloths became the building blocks of a more contemporary working wardrobe, one that can take you from behind your desk to a dinner at the Wolseley.

It's also important to understand that this collection was designed to take you from early Autumn to late spring. The designs are lightweight, and designed to be layered. Put on and taken off as the seasons change, and relaxed enough to be paired with polos, T's or jeans.

We have just received the new, unlined double faced cashmere jacket and topcoat, the perfect weight and style for early spring, designed by Marc Audibet.

Super Sweet 16

Year of the Tiger Celebrations Continue...

At Connolly we are celebrating the 16 day festival of Lunar New Year, with a special offer of 30% discount on selected items, in store and online until the 16th of February.