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The Connolly Pup

The Connolly Pup

Our favourite mascot for Connolly Sporting.

The Connolly Pup

 She spots it a mile off, it’s her thing. 

 A few weeks back, found her asleep in my studio using Connolly bag for a pillow. When I carry said bag, she checks my outfit, in wellies, she knows it's a Saturday and we’re going for coffee, croissant’s and to pick up weekend papers after our walk. If my footwear is welted in Northampton, it’s off to London. Cashmere driving jumper gets similar reaction, “am I off out? Are we going somewhere I have to behave?” 

 But it’s the driving vest that gets the tail wagging. When born, I cuddled and cradled pup and her brothers wearing a variety of car vests. She would paw at pockets, mouth zip and snuggle down.

Today her happy place apart from the pub, is out in middle of nowhere in all weathers, or catched between me and sofa. Head rested in pocket.  

 In all, like everywhere else, work and play, I wear a car vest. It’s become as part of my daily carry as camera, phone and keys. Often when we write about clothes, talk about stuff, we are coming at things from our own perspective, how we or the subject of our words engage. How they become the wearer’s own. But in doing so, we mustn’t forget, that it’s not just about ‘us’ it's about our family, how the people and pets we love engage with our things.  

How that jumper reminds them of something, that bag excites and that ‘us’ in our favourites reassures our favourites. So as we wear those things, use those items, fall in love with them, they not only become ours, they become how people see us and if we wear, use, live in what we love, it shows.  

Words and Photography by Daniel Jenkins.