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The Connolly Christmas Table

The Connolly Christmas Table

Deck the halls with golden hellebore…
The Connolly Christmas Table

Christmas is a time for coming together, for feasting, for hope and for remembering beauty and birth. It is also a time of giving… and there are so many ways to give. The gift of time, of hospitality, of creativity, of nature, of memory and of deliciousness. The Connolly Christmas Table encompasses all of these, with its setting created from pieces specially commissioned or hand picked from our favourite designers, creators and antique sources. 

We asked artist and sculptor Jess Wheeler, to create delicate brass Hellebore (the Christmas rose) that twist around our antique linen napkins and spill out of antique glass coupes, she also created the weeping willow branches suspended above the table. The gold decorated vases and glassware are antique as is the cutlery and champagne bucket and casket filled with irresistible Christmas chocolates. The table is set with beautiful French porcelain illustrated by Francois Houtin and designed by our architects, Gilles and Boissier.

Their beautiful bark inspired bronze candle sticks and platters add to the sense of nature in the tablescape. And then we filled the table base with branches of Scots Pine and Blue Pine, giant cones and living Hellebore plants … the scents of deep winter, and the glow of celebration, shining and full of joy and beauty.

All of us at Connolly look forward to welcoming you and your family to celebrate Christmas on Clifford Street.

- Isabel