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Blue and White Striped Connolly Shirt

Summertime Blues

A Letter From Isabel

On Monday I took my daughter to St Pancras, to go back to work in Paris … after 8 weeks of living and working together in lockdown.
Blue and White Striped Connolly Shirt

She has been studying and working away from home ever since her gap year in France and this most unexpected time together was really a source of great joy where I learnt that she isn’t that 18 year old anymore but an inspiring, independent- thinking individual with a different way of looking at the future than me. But the downside is I am suffering all over again from empty nest syndrome ... partly with the knowledge that this really will never happen again and although I have viewed most of the enforced closure, slowdown, isolation with regret and unhappiness ... there is a new life to grab by the hand and remake of it in the way we want for the next generation to believe in.

This version of the Eddie Cochrane song Summertime Blues, by the Stray Cats has become my anthem for reopening up Connolly next month, not only bringing in the start of the summer collections … but maybe a new vision of what we should do with fashion and the excitement of a new start if a sadness for much of the old life passing by… and the most brilliant Gretsch guitar playing from Brian Setzer.

And keeping us and other brands and makers going now is part of this moment so please understand that your continued support is deeply appreciated and, from us all, a heartfelt thank you...

New Summer Collection

We have extended our initiative LOVE MY OLD CONNOLLY until the end of the month. A special selection of discounted archive summer pieces with philanthropy at its heart. Until the end of May, all profits from this sale will be donated to COVID SMART, who are a not for profit organisation working with centres of frontline healthcare. Please support us to support their work. To date, along with other companies supporting their initiative, they have supplied over 10,000 masks, 10,000 aprons, visors, goggles, shower units, toiletries... whatever they have been asked for. With great efficiency, they have been able to quickly and directly provide supplies to frontline healthcare workers.

Love My Old Connolly