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Guest Newsletter: The Duke of Richmond

Guest Newsletter: The Duke of Richmond

Owner of Goodwood Estate in West Sussex has an unsurpassed love and knowledge of British motor racing. Founder of the Goodwood Festival of Speed and the Goodwood Revival, he has collaborated with Connolly on a new motoring inspired collection 'A Racing Wardrobe'.
Guest Newsletter: The Duke of Richmond

Hello Your Grace, what's new?

We’re really excited to be launching the Connolly collection of course, and we have the Goodwood Revival coming up very shortly. This year we’re celebrating the Swinging Sixties in a very big way and thrilled that we’ve got three of the four Beatles’ Minis. We’re also recreating Abbey Road Studios, Lord Kitchener’s Valet and a ‘Carry on Camping’ style caravan site. Oh! and a launderette - should be really fun.

What's your favourite way to waste time?

I love to spend time on my photography whenever I can squeeze it in. I have been deeply involved since I fell in love with the whole process as a ten year old and it’s still my passion.

What do you tune in to on a car journey?

Always Bob Dylan!

What's your favourite road movie?

Vanishing Point.

Who is your ideal travelling companion?

My wife.

"I love to spend time on my photography whenever I can squeeze it in."

- The Duke of Richmond

What is your favourite view?

The view from the racecourse, with the Isle of Wight to the south and 25 miles of interrupted down land to the north. England at its very best.

What is the fastest speed at which you have travelled on land?

200+MPH on the Bonneville salt flats in Utah.

If you could invent a motoring accessory, what would it be?

An integral battery charger for a classic car.

When in London....

I always have lunch at the Wolseley.

Do you have a Connolly favourite?

I have two…..First, the fabulous flying jacket from our collaboration collection. It’s a very classic, soft, shearling jacket - beautiful. And second is the gorgeous super-long dark blue spotted cashmere scarf. I absolutely love it. I have a real weakness for scarves.