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Connolly x Cashmere Circle

Connolly x Cashmere Circle

Having watched the latest fashion weeks unfold; some in beauty and some not, I was struck how much focus there was on knit and weave. And how can we, in an industry that is by its very nature about the new, respect and protect the old, the previous seasons, the most loved garments we own.

Connolly x Cashmere Circle

Connolly are delighted to offer customers a service that does exactly that, to protect and mend and safeguard your favourite Connolly knits and

Our partner, Cashmere Circle, provides all the expertise and care that you need to keep and cherish those expensive pieces in a condition that can be worn season after season and handed down to the next generation - exactly what we are all about at Connolly!

- Isabel

About Cashmere Circle

Cashmere Circle is an innovative collective of cashmere designers and
luxury knitwear experts, with the aim of saving and breathing new life into the nation’s cashmere collection. Using artisan techniques based on traditional time-honoured craftsmanship and skills, the team at Cashmere Circle invisibly mend holes, remove stains and ultimately revive the natural yarns to return cashmere to its luxurious best with a variety of services.

Cashmere Circles's aim is to look after the cashmere garments that
already exist. The most sustainable garments are the ones we already own which is why garment care and repair is crucial. Keeping them out of landfill with careful care and creative recycling. Sustainability is woven into every fibre of our business.

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