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Sporting Life

Sporting Life

Words by Daniel Jenkins

Last minute winners, bore draws, crushing defeats, and nail biting thrillers whether 90 minutes or across a season, echo the beauty of human existence in all its forms.

It is drama we affect, even if just stood in the crowd or alone on the court.

The idea to be sporting; to be kind, fair, gracious in defeat, and humble in victory; to offer our best and continuously strive to improve. To assist our team by displaying patient and selfless genius, is beautiful and real.

But in sport like life, whilst over time things change and as we progress tactics and practices alter, the commitment, desire, and result are the same.


Sporting Life

This spring sees Connolly Sporting arrive.

A collection of our favourites which we hope will soon to be yours. It is simply Connolly, influenced by our past and ready for the future. Clothing designed without unnecessary flourishes, just made beautifully in the UK and Italy, from the best materials. Clothing to be worn, and used and ….. loved and used, and worn some more.

From our very essence … the chilled shearling hoodie; our West London cyclist poachers’ coat; the top boy terrace worthy performance wool parka; and the since day one Connolly icon our driving jumper in cashmere and now jersey.

Oh, and that present and future classic: the elegant and luxuriously functional drop-back car vest. To be worn under, over and with anything, by everyone, everywhere, doing everything, everyday…  playing the sport that is Life.

Items to live and love life in.