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Autumn/Winter 2023

Autumn/Winter 2023

The Connolly Arms

Photographed by Pamela Hanson

Autumn/Winter 2023

A wide swing to a short coat or an asymmetrical skirt to be worn with a thick jumper – a touch of satin worn with an art cardigan or under a brown alpaca coat. A tailored jacket over a sash flannel trouser, a garment dyed corduroy trouser with a matching corduroy cardigan, tartan trews with a natural lambswool cricket sweater worn under a corduroy poacher’s coat with its tartan lining.

This winter we have designed a collection of warm clothes from coats to trousers, skirts and shirts to tailoring and knitwear in cashmere and satin and stretch flannel and the softest wool; all working together as a uniform – a uniform of ease and confidence. Like going down the pub … there are some old friends and then there are some new faces: this collection is a meeting of both
the familiar and the new. A few favourites revisited in new textures and colours to keep the stylistic flow that is Connolly, the DNA, the essence of this little brand but as always, pushed forward by Marc Audibet. Our new looks like the tartan trews and the sublime Garbo trouser, a two button tailored jacket, a shorter blazer, a sharp cut double breasted puffa in black satin, an unlined car coat and a glorious new cashmere driving gilet with its subtle tyre tread stitch. Two cardigans, one a limited edition and hand knitted in undyed pure English cashmere and the other, a shawl collared beach cardigan in navy and vicuna max ply cashmere, a new shearling jacket in palest winter white … relaxed but sumptuous. This is an intimate collection with exceptional design and details. It’s about secret comfort and the pleasure of wearing these clothes, whether it’s the feel of the softest lightest suede or the flash of yellow silk or the joy of a tartan lining, it’s a certain stitch, a leather zip puller on a snow coat. It’s about details not embellishment, it’s about elegance not branding.

A winter wardrobe to be shared by men and women to wear and live in, enjoy, and pass on. A vision of old style social interaction and modern luxury.


A big thank you to our photographer, her team and the models.


Pamela Hanson


Dawn Russell

Nancy Lichterman

Emily Patrick

Tancredi di Carcaci

Issac Lambert

Jem Kunz

Owen Beaufort

Ivan Calderon

Gregor Mcghee