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Autumn/Winter 2020 Collection

Autumn/Winter 2020 Collection

Connolly presents Autumn Winter 2020, timeless tailoring designed by Marc Audibet and knitwear by Lorraine Acornley.  

Autumn/Winter 2020 Collection

The initial sensibility was derived from a feeling that the world was starting to slow down in 2019. Both Isabel Ettedgui and Marc Audibet understood that consumption would lessen in response to the global decline in pace, and the collection naturally reflects that shift. They wanted to create garments that were well made and well fitting, and from that point Connolly’s AW20 ’statement-less’ and prescient collection took shape.  
It is a collection which speaks to the essential elements of a wardrobe. From a winter coat in yak, a tailored pinafore dress and flared midi skirt in stretch flannel, to a set of slouchy trousers and corduroy overalls. All cut perfectly with a choice of clean lines and exclusive fabrics, designed to work with Connolly’s signature beautifully constructed knits. Isabel Ettedgui explains, “these are elegant but sporty clothes you can wear in a field or in town. We hope it contains everything you might need or desire - a timeless uniform that transcends a selling season, or even a generation.” 


Marc’s take on the classic British trench is cinched at the waist with a super wide belt. The knitwear nods to Surrealism with a knitted loden Fairisle vest (Fairisle Dropback Car Vest), there are graphic plays on the cashmere Robe de Chambre and heavy knit cardigan in 8-gauge cashmere (Capercaillie Cardigan). The Connolly Circuit Sweater in chunky ribbed cashmere, a homage to our motor racing heritage and the chequered flag. Dark denim jeans for him and her to complete the Surrealist fantasy and can-do spirit, paired with the handknit cable sweaters, spotted scarves and traditional rainwear.  

The collection speaks of a post war atmosphere, considered and created, both to last and look forward, and with more than a nod to luxury and craft, is our handknitted cashmere skirt. This feeling is reflected in the location of the campaign photography at Farley’s House in Chidingly, Sussex, where Lee Miller and  Roland Penrose lived, worked and found solace, after the end of the Second World War, with friends that included Pablo Picasso, Dora Maar, Max Ernst and Man Ray.

Farleys House, once a hub for the Surrealist movement in England, is now a museum and can be visited by appointment.

Farleys House & Gallery, Muddles Green, Chiddingly BN8 6HW