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A SLICE OF STRIPED HORIZON: An exhibition of candlesticks, hand made by Lars Nilsson

A SLICE OF STRIPED HORIZON: An exhibition of candlesticks, hand made by Lars Nilsson

It seems right to have candlesticks on show in Connolly this week... holders of light in a dark uncertain time. I met Lars on the island of Patmos and when he came to London after the summer and showed me these beautiful candlesticks he had created, both practical and exquisite, hand made from bronze, wool and oak... with sophisticated palettes of colour in the resin combinations; I was smitten. And today, I have come to realise that for me, they represent totems of hope, even the colours of Ukraine are reflected in some of the pieces.

- Isabel Ettedgui

A SLICE OF STRIPED HORIZON: An exhibition of candlesticks, hand made by Lars Nilsson

It was his passion for the arts and techniques that led Lars Nilsson to come to Paris to study design at the Chambre Syndicale de la Couture. His talent and desire to create quickly led him to work with Christian Lacroix after his first steps in Haute Couture at Chanel. More than fashion itself, Lars is interested in the structure of clothes, materials and techniques. This pronounced taste for shapes, colors and the way to make a garment come alive will be found in the different creations that he creates today, especially in his fabrics and decorative objects.

His career in the fashion industry has developed successfully in several major fashion houses in Par- is and New York, notably Dior, Ralph Lauren, Bill Blass and Nina Ricci. His desire to create does not stop with these important collaborations. For some time, Lars has been looking for other projects that will gradually become part of his life’s work.

Lars Nilsson’s creations (textiles, handmade carpets, ceramics or art objects) show an acute sense of color and reflect his virtuosity in tracing shapes and his talent for designing volumes. He plays marvellously with striped patterns often interpreted according to the materials, their density, without fearing to give them relief or to twist the proportions. Many awards have crowned his achievements including Vanity Fair’s Best Dressed list in 2001 to New York Magazine Designer of the Year 2001. Wall Street Journal Best in Show 2019 with the VASA rug for Vandra Rugs and Elle Decoration Best Textile Award with Capri Collection for Svenskt Tenn (2019) and recently the IV Leaf Clover collection for Klässbols (2022)

His Scandinavian origins are obvious, they are reflected in his creations that are always respectful of rare materials and a research that combines the aesthetics and use of objects.

It is nature that inspires Lars’ creations, he favors delicate and luminous colors, those of flowers and
gardens. Lars, curious walker and artist traveller, lives between Paris and Rättvik in Sweden.

“A Slice Of Striped Horizon”
An Exhibition by Lars Nilsson will take place at Connolly 4 Clifford Street on the 3rd of March 2022.