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The Hills Are Shadows by Joel Parkes

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Silver Birch, Magnolia, Snake Wood, Ebony, Bronze, Brass, Pewter, 24ct Gold, Blue Clay Bol Size, Red Ochre, Ultramarine, Blue Lias, Limestone 

Diameter 62cm x 18cm

Joel Parkes was the first artist we showed at Connolly when we opened Clifford Street in 2016 and we have always sold and carried his work since. I am so honoured that he has agreed to show this new body of work, Landscapes, and his first purely sculptural show with us this winter.

Joel is an artist exploring landscape through abstract objects and their setting. He uses marble, semi-precious stones, wood, gold, pewter, and brass to create a universe that represents the complex contexts within us. Through his art, he offers a contemplative experience, by touch and sight - reaching into our imagined internal landscape.