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Portal by Lucille Lewin

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Title: Portal

Description: White Porcelain 2020

Dimension: 30 x 18cm


The new work on show at Connolly shows Lewin further developing a painstaking technique combing innovative chemistry with incendiary temperatures.The results resemble objects that have been grown
in a laboratory or at the bottom of the sea in wild and forceful natural elements rather than shaped by hand. “These pieces take months to create,” explains Lewin, who is also celebrated in the fashion world for launching the immensely influential Whistles chain in the 1970s. “I use a magnifying glass and tweezers while I’m working, but certain elements are overtly gestural.”

“It is a feminine energy, explains Lewin.“It is emotional and communicative and made with great detail.” Lewin’s work is defined by a kind of organic chaos. It is shaped, she says, “by the kiln gods” as well as her own intention, grounded initially in sketch form but then taking on a life of its own. The beauty of the work also comes from its monochrome nature. “What other colour could these pieces be?” she asks, rhetorically. “They could only be white. I live entirely in white. My clothes, my bedroom, my home. It is peaceful.”