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'Olorun' by Joel Parkes

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  • Dimensions: 50cm diameter

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Made from oak burnished with burnt umber and Indian ink, red ochre, pewter and gold.

Wood artist Joel Parkes, creates works that trace the life cycle of a tree. Made from found wood, collected around his home and nature reserves, he works with huge pieces of wood, working with it to shape his beautiful vessels and sculptures.  Repairing and celebrating the fissures and splits in  jewel like pigments and pewter and gold, and drawing attention to these imperfections with great beauty. 'A tree is the shape of a lung, he says, "water is its oxygen.. so in material terms it is a concoction of the earth wind and water, all of the elements. I really believe working with wood is like working with a futuristic material.. it has flex, its beautiful and we understand it .."

Joel Parkes trained at Chelsea College of Art as a Public Artist, and instigated his career with 7 years at pioneering Public Arts company, Free Form Arts Trust. 
Joel started his private studio in 2010 to develop and produce sculptural artworks and forms for the home, retail and gallery.

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Dimensions: 50cm diameter