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Flux 9 by Taffina Flood - SOLD

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Japanese Paper On Arches Chine Colle, Ink & Gouache.

Signed and numbered on reverse

Framed in walnut with anti reflective glass

Dimensions: 36cm x 38.5cm

About Taffina Flood: 

Taffina Flood’s work is sometimes a frantic dance of irregular, imperfect, awkward geometry, layers of colour in translucent veils, all set against flat colour-loaded opaque masses of colour. The distilled, simple, generic, and everyday geometry of lines, circles, spheres, rectangles, ellipses and squares are imperfect by design, non-specific in origin, and serve as formal punctuations in composition alongside other elements. The high-register colour is of itself and at times offers a counterpoint and dreamlike unreality.

Through a process of endless thinking walks and compulsive collecting, a continuous scatter- gun of photographs, drawings, and geo-mapping, records anything, nothing and everything. These records serve as a visual memory bank and often find their way obliquely into the paintings as part of the working vocabulary. Other aspects of colour and form are drawn from thinking through making, with the work consistently in a state of flux until the very final move. The subject is the process of looking; the lived experience of being present and recording time spent in moments, whether through thought, action or reflection. The process, flawed and paved with failure, is deliberately chaotic and uncomfortable, and at times nonsensical, a heady mix of seemingly disconnected and often discordant elements in play, to connect tenuously with the more often unsettling & illogical journey of life and living. Taffina Flood was born in Dublin and continues to live and work there. She is an artist and art & design educator at the National College of Art & Design in Dublin. She holds a BA in Painting and an MA in Painting and Printmaking from NCAD in Dublin. Her work has included painting, printmaking, textiles, book arts and assemblage/sculpture. She has exhibited widely in group and solo exhibitions in Ireland and internationally to include, USA, UK, France, Italy, Japan & Portugal.