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Natural Handknit Gansey Cardigan

2CDGN15 002
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The Hand Knit Chunky Gansey Cardigan is a one of a kind work of art. Weighing in at around 2 kilos of English Organic Undyed Cashmere. Its motifs feature a combination of hearts and anchors and fir trees.. expertly switching between textured stitches.. moss stitch and stocking stitch work beautifully in relief.

This style is doubly special as there was only enough yarn for 4 cardigans.

Each are hand knitted by Master Knitters in Scotland using undyed English grown cashmere which is extremely rare. We can only knit with the yield harvested; which is then spun and carded here in England too. The garments are then washed and gently tumble finished to allow the fibres to bloom.

The most perfect forever Heirloom.