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Denim Caban Jacket

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The Denim Caban Jacket is made from a light elasticated denim cotton. The denim caban is a departure away from the traditional double breasted jacket, the cuffs can be rolled back to allow for more ventilation or for styling. The double breasted jacket buttons are in close fitting together that allows more room across the body and urges the wearer to style the jacket open.

The double breasted jacket neatly falls as a single breasted jacket when wearing it open; it has a generous cut across the front without any additional fabric. The bellow pockets on the jacket allow you to plunge your hands into the pockets as well as use them for essentials. 

The denim caban jacket is slightly longer in the body making it a cross between a workwear jacket and double breasted jacket. The centre vent at the back of the denim caban jacket gives it movement and flexibility. The finished collar detail has a high connecting notch which allows styling the jacket with a smart or relaxed shirts including t-shirts and polo shirts. The denim double breasted caban jacket has a deep collar at the back of the neck that gives a masculine physic across the back of the shoulders. The jacket can completely change its style with an upturned collar that transforms it into a pea coat.