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Curve 1 by Alba Hodsoll

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Title: Curve 1

Description: Ink on paper 2017

Dimension: 46 x 46cm


Alba is celebrated for dancing a careful line between abstraction and figuration. Her work provokes debate and reflection on subjects like eroticism and pornography, but also birth and fertility reminding us of the unequivocal strength and power of the female body. The title of her work ‘Curve’ is suggestive of the upward movement of female empowerment we’re currently experiencing in contemporary society. A moment of truth and enlightenment.

As a female artist Alba is interested in imperfection and chooses to depict the crevices and curves that popular culture doesn’t celebrate. She disregards the perfect body or “ideal woman” elevated by the media and instead embraces the parts of our bodies that women want to hide, lose or change by capturing their beauty, grace and resilience.

From Playboy to Titian’s Venus of Urbino, Alba contemplates the female form as she is influenced by the mark-making displayed by representation of the nude across the art historical canon. Alba pushes the boundaries of painting and sculpture as she works across a broad spectrum of mediums such as paint and ink as well as silicone, resin and leather in a subtle yet provocative exploration of feminine physicality. Her subjects have decisive room to breathe as Alba pursues a reductive aesthetic of simplified line and space.

AlbalivesandworksinLondon. ShestudiedVisualandCriticalStudiesattheNewYorkSchoolofVisual Arts graduating with honours. As well as solo exhibitions at Cob Gallery (2017, 2018) and Alex Eagle Studio, London (2016) she has taken part in group exhibitions as far afield as Fálico Mágico, Lamb Arts, Sao Paulo (2018), Sans Titre:Vol. 3 Nothing to Hide, 45 Quai de la Tournelle, Paris (2017) and We The Women,The Palace, Los Angeles (2017). Residencies include the esteemed ‘Writing in Taos’, Taos, New Mexico (2016) as well as the ‘Girls Only Residency’, Brooklyn, New York (2014).