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Solace Beaker by Alex O'Connor

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Sterling silver spun, formed and chased beaker, with gilded interior

This supremely tactile beaker begs to be caressed in order to appreciate its textured surface: dimpled by the repetitive, almost meditative use of chasing punches which gives this beakers its name. The shape of the beaker sits beautifully in the hand and encourages contemplation.

Alex is inspired by the landscape of her native West Cornwall, her designs often occur as a result of walking in, and observing nature.

Before retraining as a silversmith, Alex began her career as a sculptor, and this background is clearly revealed in her designs which are skilfully conceived to create plays on balance. She has a strong eye for the rhythm of groups of objects.

Dimensions: 7cm x 5.5 cm

Weight: 150g


About Alex O'Connor:

Alex designs contemporary silverware and objects which use pure forms and subtly tactile surfaces; each piece celebrates the material and evokes the resilient, dynamic landscape of her native West Cornwall. Vessels and vessels groups are a consistent presence in Alex’s work. These potent, archetypal objects arranged in formal compositions have a contemplative purpose; Alex sees them as containers for meaning and a sense of place.

Alex came to silversmithing from a background in Fine Art and sculpture, so her silverware is preoccupied with form, composition, visual weight, balance and surface. She retrained at Truro College in 2014 with the intention of making elegant, minimal pieces of jewellery but the jewellery kept growing larger and strange hollows began to appear in each piece… At the age of 44 Alex realised that she “wanted to be a silversmith when I grew up” Her work is held in many major private collections and is recognised for its strong aesthetic , it has been shown at Collect, Decorex and the Silver Triennial in Germany amongst many.

Alex will be demonstrating chasing, an ancient technique which involves creating texture, decoration and form by using hammers and punches on the exterior of an object.