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King's Yellow 7

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This piece takes its name from the colour selected. Kings Yellow was a costly, arsenic based, pigment that was the brightest yellow in the eighteenth century. Now, arsenic free, the remarkable contrast between the bright colour and the deep black patinated bronze as well as the ‘gold drip’ makes this piece a striking combination of colours and textures.


Composition: Cork, Copper, Antique bronze, 24 Carat Gold King’s Yellow (dry pigment suspended in resin) 

Measurements: 530mm x 220mm x 140mm (approximate measurements)

Artist: Pedro da Costa Felgueiras


"These three ‘Kings Yellow’ vessels", Pedro writes, "were very much made with the colour in mind that I recreated for your room at Clifford Street. The colour started life as the same colour as the walls in your room and then I added extra pigments in order create a warmer more intense hue. With the pieces being smaller, jewellery like, I felt they needed a more intense colours that would also contrast better with the black bronze rim and the 24 Carat gold leaf highlights."

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